How to use easy-voip

phone to phone

Other SIP devices connect directly to your Broadband Router/Modem (WAN - wide area network). We do not normally support any particular manufacturer of SIP devices: the device models illustrated have all been used by easyVOIP staff and so we can recommend them, but we are not agents or distributors, and we have no commercial interest.

The service will support devices operating in DCHP mode or no NAT (with fixed IP addresses.) We may add more such products as they are evaluated and tested.

Once Installed, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions to set up these devices. This will normally involve first connecting the device to a PC (LAN - local area network), loading any associated software onto the PC (or laptop) and then accessing the device through your local browser (normally Internet Explorer) to instal the correct settings (configure it).

Your easy-VOIP Account details will give you the server IP Address you need to configure the SIP phone device together with the Username/Password or PIN.