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We want to take the mystery out of VOIP and make this 21st century phone service easy to understand and easy to use.

> Cheap International Calls

easy-VOIP uses SIP (session initiated protocol) and is easy-dial's lowest cost telephone service.

Prices starting at less than 2 US cent per minute ! (less than 1.5 pence in UK currency)

This is a truly international service. As long as you have an iPhone, a 5G Mobile or a phone with the right device or a PC/ Laptop with access to the Internet - you can use easy-VOIP to make your calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world


So if you are at home, or going somewhere on holiday or going abroad on business, or you have an iPhone, 5G phone or Blackberry and have installed the necessary software, you can use an easy-VOIP account to make all your calls at the lowest possible cost.


> Other Products

International Roaming
Cheap international calling from over 40 countries
with a local access number


Global CallBack
CallBack from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world!